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    Kemeny Castle- Brâncovenești

    Kemeny Castle of Brâncovenești it is an architectural ensemble built by Kemeny family, in Brâncovenești locality, Mureș county. Close to the national road 15 Reghin- Toplița, it stands proudly, protected by its thick walls. Its first attestation dates back to XIII century, but its current form was obtained three centuries later while the voievode was […]

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    Lăpușna Castle

    The Castle of Lăpușna, located in the Gurghiului mountains at 815 meters altitude, in Ibănești commune, was built between 1925-1926, but was finished and decorated as late as 1933, and it belonged to the kings of Romania Ferdinand and Carol II the second. During the communist period, Lăpușna Castle has become hunting castle and thereto […]

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    The Bornemisza Castle-Gurghiu

    The Bornemisza Castle dates from the XVII century which conceals a long and eventful history. The castle was one of the most important royal castles from Transylvania and it was built in several stages. Initially, this was build as a resting place for the principe Gheorghe Rakoczy I the first, when he came to hunt. […]

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    The Ethnographic Museum

    The Ethnographic Museum of Reghin preserve and value architectural monuments, crafts related items, folk/popular costumes and specific habits of the Superior Valley of Mureș river, below Călimani mountains area, Gurghiului Valley and a part of the Transylvania Plain. The museum was founded in 1960 by the ethnographer Anton Badea, starting from 64 items of folk/popular […]

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    The Reformed church

    The Reformed church, built at the end of the 19th century. A festival of choral songs is organized here every year.         PHOTO GALLERY