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    Adra Motel

    Adra Motel  is located  at the entrance of Târgu-Mureș- Reghin on the national road 15. Capacity: 25 rooms (62 seats) – restaurant, bar, conference room

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    AN-KA Pension

    AN-KA Pension is located at the exist of Unirii neighborhood to Toplița. Capacity: 22 rooms, single, double and matrimonial – restaurant, club

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    Blanca Pension

    Blanca Pension is located in downtown Reghin, at a distance of 100 meters from the Saxon church. Capacity: 10 rooms (26 seats) – restaurant

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    Casablanca Pension

    Casablanca Pension is located very close to the center, about 100 meters from the main intersection. Capacity: 18 people (8 rooms, 1 suite) – restaurant

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    Central Hotel

    Central hotel and restaurant it is a hotel unit located in the city center at a distance of 100 meters from the main intersection of Reghin. ”Central Hotel restaurant” capacity: – 2 double rooms, 7 Matrimonial bed rooms, 1 Apartment – restaurant, bar, conference room