Reghin - geographical and climatic dates

Geographical dates

The municipium of Reghin, is situated on the Upper Valley of the Mureș river, on the northwestern edge of the Transylvanian Plateau, on both shores of the Mureș river, close to Gurghiu river mouth in Mureș.

The geographical coordinates of the city are: 46 degrees, 46 minutes and 33 seconds, north latitude and 22 degrees 42 minutes and 30 seconds, east longitude. The city is located in 395 meters altitude on the highest point the Round Forest, the lowest point, the Mureș, at 350 meters.

The locality is located at the crossroad of some national roads, and on the railway route Războieni-Brașov-București. Out of  Reghin starts DN 16 (national road) through Breaza locality  toward Cluj; DN 15 (national road) from Târgu-Mureș pass through Reghin towards Brâncovenești, Răstolița, upwards the  Mureș Valley, to Gheorgheni, Miercurea-Ciuc, Brașov-București.

Climate dates

The climate of the town is moderately continental. The average annual temperature oscillates between 5,5º Celsius and 7,5º Celsius, slightly smaller than in Târgu-Mureș, where there is an average of 8-9º Celsius. Winters are, in generally, less frosty, the coldest month being January, with the average of the temperature between -3º Celsius and -5º Celsius. Summers have gentler temperatures, with an average between +18º Celsius and +19º Celsius in July and August.

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