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    Fărăgău Lake

    Fărăgău Lake is a protected area of national interest located in Fărăgău locality. The lake is situated in the hydrographic basin of Mureș and has a surface area of 38 hectares. The lakes from the plain area of Mureș county are artificial excepting the Fărăgău lake- the only natural lake-reservation from the plain of Transylvania. […]

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    The colony of Bee-eaters

    In Reghin were found prigoria/bee-eaters colonies in the relay area former clay pit beside the Round Forest and Friciului Forest. These are migratory birds, arriving in the area around May and sit till September-October, whereupon they go for the winter in Africa. They are nestle in colonies, by earth banks of ditches or ravines. The […]

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    The dendrological park from Gurghiu

    The dendrological park from Gurghiu is one of the most well preserved historical parks of Transylvania, with an age of 300 years. In the feudal castle courtyard of Gurghiu you can visit the dendrological park, founded around year 1740 by Bornemisza family. Inside the park there are over 350 of rare species, preserved. Of these, […]

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    The Lent Lilies Glade of Gurghiu

    Located on the Mureș river platform, bordered by foothills, there is the famous meadow/glade with lent lilies/daffodils from Gurghiu. The lent lilies glade from Gurghiu is a nationally protected area. The botanical reservation, with a surface area of 3 hectares, the meadow/glade is full of grassland predominant with water loving vegetation. In the atmosphere of […]

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    The reservation of the secular oaks of Mociar

    The reservation of the secular oaks Mociar is the oldest forest in Romania, located close to Reghin city. Mociar forest it covers an area of 569 hectares, at the altitude of 400 meters and you will certainly see it if you are on your way to Sovata resort. Passing by Nadășa village you will reach […]